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Robbie Juniper LLC

Premium plant rental and care services

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About Us

Established in 2021, Robbie Juniper LLC was formed as a culmination of many things, but at the top of the list is an understanding of and appreciation for small businesses. We interact directly with small businesses, fostering strong relationships and inspiring growth in everyone involved. We know that owning a small business can be a real handful, and we're here to cross at least one thing off your long to-do list. Bringing plants into your space literally brings life to the room - it feels brighter, lighter. Plants provide fresh air and a comfortable ambiance, making your space healthier to be in.

At Robbie Juniper, we think it's incredibly important to take care of and give back to your local community, ours being Fort Worth. We not only provide beautiful plants and attentive care services to our small businesses, but we're also very interactive in the community! We're a vendor at pop-up markets in downtown, a vendor in a local collective boutique on Race Street, and a market organizer for the Fort Worth plant community.

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Meet Robbie

My name is Robbie (they/them), I'm a queer Fort Worth local, and I'm the founder and owner of Robbie Juniper. Being upfront and comfortable with who I am is incredibly important to me, in hopes that others will do the same, or at the very least ask questions! I've never seen the point in faking who I am for the sake of appearances, and I want others to feel like they can ask me about my queer experience because I think every conversation can be a positive educational experience if given the effort. 

Like many others, I found a love for plants at the height of quarantine in 2020, when I was unemployed for eight months. That time was a complete blessing for me and I learned so much about myself - one of which being that I hated working for someone else! In June of 2021, I finally decided to take the leap and do what makes me happy. I am so pleased to be where I am, able to share the beauty of what a plant can do to a room. I'm so excited to meet you and build our future together!

Est. 2021
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Robbie Juniper (they/them)

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