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About this product

+ release fear & doubt + Anxiety is hard to shake. It’s a potent cocktail of tension, worry and dread and that yields an overwhelming emotional hangover.  The anxiety sucks candle provides a savory dose of tranquility among the chaos. This soothing candle cohesively pairs with the woodsy deepness of the anxiety sucks roller, offering a conversely citrus scent to help gently clear your busy mind. Scent profile Lavender + vetiver + bergamot Citrus subtly shines in this clean and refreshing scent, while a bold dose of woodsy lavender helps maintain the mellow. The crisp bite of bergamot blended with black tea nuances is a comforting combination that feels like a warm tea latte for the anxious soul. 6 oz candle | 24-hour burn time ++please check website for full description ++ Handmade with domestically grown soy wax and fine fragrance oils

Anxiety Sucks Ritual Candle

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