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A delightful soy based, magical candle for your relaxation and fulfillment in accordance to the zodiac signs. Embrace the beauty of your special gifts thanks to your astrological charachteristics. Light your candle in a ritual to honor what makes you unique and amazing!

Creator: Element Apothecary 

Product Properties Volume: 6 oz glass jar Burn Time: 10-15 hours Primary Color: White

Astrological Sign Scent and Crystals:

Pisces - Rose, Amethyst

Cancer - Sage, Moonstone

Scorpio - Pine, Black Obsidian

Sagittarius - Orange, Smokey Quartz

Aries - Geranium, Carnelian

Leo - Chamomile, Tiger's Eye

Gemini - Lavender, Labradorite

Aquarius - Eucalyptus, Strawberry Quartz

Libra - Bermagot, Green Aventurine 

Virgo - Spearmint, Fluorite

Capricorn - Rosemary, Mookaite 

Note: Taurus sign is sold out 

Astrology Candles

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