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White sage + tarocco orange + nag champa Sweetly citrus and fresh, with the earthy aroma of white sage. A clean combination that resembles the familiarity of vanilla and patchouli.

+ let go & release + Full moons have forever been a mystical time of connecting with our spiritual, sacred selves. During this magical time, energy peaks and releases. Signifying a perfect time to set good intention and releasing all that no longer serves you. Scent profile White sage + tarocco orange + nag champa Gemstone  Amethyst + positive transformation, balance, communication + Herbs White sage & rose petals  + energy cleansing & loving thoughts + Color White + cleansing, protection + clear vision + 6 oz candle | 24-hour burn time ++please check website for full description ++ Handmade with domestically grown soy wax and fine fragrance oils

Full Moon Ritual Candle

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