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Elevate your rituals with


Solar Loose Herbal Blend, meticulously handcrafted for those seeking clarity and focus. This vibrant mix of organic herbs is perfect for moments when you need an energy boost or a mental uplift. Ideal for mixing with tobacco or mmj for a gentler experience or to explore new dimensions of awakening and big brain energy. Ingredients for Wellness and Focus: * Coltsfoot: Enhances respiratory health for a gentle, natural boost. * Mullein: Soothes and clears the lungs, promoting healthy breathing. * Lemon Balm: Offers a calming effect while enhancing mental alertness. * Calendula: Known for its uplifting properties and sunny energy.


Celebrate love and the divine feminine with Venus Loose Herbal Blend. This heart-opening mix is designed for rituals of love, whether for another or for oneself. Mixing Venus with tobacco or mmj can provide a softer experience or open new pathways to love and connection. Ingredients for the Heart: * Mullein: Supports clear breathing, allowing the heart's messages to flow freely. * Rose: Symbolizes love, infusing each blend with warmth and affection. * Damiana: Known for its aphrodisiac properties, encouraging emotional release and deeper connection. * Lemon Balm: Uplifts the spirit, soothing the heart and easing stress. * Tulsi (Holy Basil): Fosters peace and resilience, opening the heart to love. -- * Handmade * Organic Herbs * Natural, * Zero Waste * Free from Weed or Tobacco * Enhance your practice of love and self-care by blending Venus with your preferred herbs for a truly heart-centered experience.


Prepare for a night of deep rest with Slumber Loose Herbal Blend, designed to soothe and relax the mind and body for sleep. Perfect for those looking to taper off tobacco or mmj or seeking a tranquil addition to their nighttime routine. Ingredients for Serenity: * Mullein: Smooth, gentle base supporting clear lungs. * Lemon Balm: Calms stress and anxiety, setting the stage for restful sleep. * Skullcap: Reduces nervous tension, promoting relaxation. * Lavender: Known for its soothing aroma, essential for deep sleep. * Passion Flower: Soothes the mind and body, enhancing sleep quality. * Hops: Promotes relaxation, contributing to better sleep. * Chamomile: Calms the nerves, preparing the body for rest.


Lunar Loose Herbal Blend is a tribute to the moon and femininity, crafted to align with lunar cycles and nurture the inner goddess. Ideal for blending with tobacco or mmj, Lunar can soften your experience or deepen your connection to the moon and its magic. Ingredients for Lunar Harmony: * Marshmallow: Soothes and harmonizes, providing a gentle foundation. * Raspberry Leaf: Supports wellness and balance, honoring the feminine. * Red Clover Leaf & Flower: Promotes healing and resonates with the spirit of femininity. * Hops: Encourages relaxation, aligning with the peaceful energy of the moon. * Blue Cornflower: Opens the mind to higher intuition and lunar mystique. * Blue Lotus: Sacred for deepening spiritual connections and enhancing dream work. -- * Handmade * Organic Herbs *


Dive deep into the realms of self-reflection and intuition with Innerwork Loose Herbal Blend. Crafted with a mindful selection of organic herbs, this blend supports introspection and intuition.

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