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Robbie Juniper LLC

Premium plant rental and care services


Our Services

With a wide range of services available, we bring you individually curated plans that are best for your business.







Rental Package

We provide rentals so you don’t have to go through the troubles of finding the perfect plants for your space - we’ll find them for you. You just tell us what you’re wanting, and we’ll provide the best we have to offer. In this package we'll stop by weekly to check on the plants and give advice for better care when needed. Purchase is available, price may vary. ​We create our greenery quotes either individually or in package deals, which will be determined during our free on-site consultation.

Rental services start at $200+/month.



Have plants already, but not the time to care for them? We’ll come to tend to your plants once a week, bringing our best nutrient supplements to make sure your plants are getting the best care.  This will also include pruning of damaged or unsightly leaves, fertilizing the soil, watering maintenance, and light rotations if some areas get more natural light than others. 

Care services start at $300+/month.


Combo Package

This package combines it all into one easy price, giving you the best deal for the highest quality. You tell us what you’re wanting for your space, we’ll bring the plants and do all the weekly maintenance too, you just enjoy! This package will come with one of our prepared plant packages, along with our highest level of maintenance and care. The maintenance will include pruning, fertilizing, water maintenance, and light rotation. This is our most recommended service, as there is no commitment to a plant necessary, we will take care of it all!

Combo package services starting at $420+/month, contact us for your free on-site quote.

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